Online calculator for fast-growing hierarchy with Buchholz function


Video with examples of calculator work

Write a function of fast-growing hierarchy fα(n) where "n" is a natural number and "α" is a countable ordinal, written in the normal form of Bichholz's function, i.e. α=0 or α=ψ01)+...+ψ0k), where k≥1 and ψ01)≥...≥ψ0k) and βi∈Cνii) for 1≤i≤k. Each βi should be written in the normal form too, i.e. βi=0 or βiν11)+...+ψνmm). Also, due to limits of the programm, ν1,..., νm should be digits from 0 to 9. Write "p" instead "ψ". For example, instead fψ01(0)+ψ1(0))(100) write f_{p_0(p_1(0)+p_1(0))}(100). Don't use spaces.

f_{} ( )